Journeys Venue Terms & Conditions

In Journeys Venue Terms & Conditions


On receipt of the R3 000.00 to secure the date of function, you acknowledge the terms and conditions hereunder.
Acceptable methods of payment for any last minute charges are cash, credit card or debit card
Any extra cost incurred on the day of the function must be settled immediately after the event, before leaving the function venue.

We require a R15 000.00 deposit which is payable as follows, and must be paid in full 3 months prior to the function date:
R3 000.00 to secure the date – payable immediately.
The additional R12 000.00 will be payable as per the agreed payment schedule.
Final balance due must be paid no later than 2 months (60 days) prior to your event.

Final arrangements regarding any function activity are due no later than 30 days prior to your event.

The Bar will call final rounds at 23h30.
The music will be turned off and the venue vacated at 00h00.
These times may be subject to change by prior arrangement with management.

Alcohol, food or beverages are NOT ALLOWED to be brought onto the premises without prior permission from management. Any conduct in this nature will result in the function being terminated immediately.
Guests are NOT ALLOWED to enter the parking area “unsupervised” during function hours
Playing of music or making noise in parking area is NOT ALLOWED at any time.
Children are NOT ALLOWED in the gardens, bathrooms or around the outside of the venue without adult supervision.
Guests are NOT ALLOWED to enter any of the flower beds or water features under any circumstances.

Function music must be played within parameters set by Management, No louder than 84DB.

1 – If a function gets cancelled or postponed for whatever reason – And a replacement function is signed up :
Fees will be paid back to client when new client has paid full deposit.
We reserve the right to retain R3 000.00 for basic efforts done by Journeys staff and any unforeseen costs incurred.

2 – If a function gets cancelled or postponed for whatever reason – And no replacement function is found :
Client will be held responsible for the full R15 000 deposit.

3 – If a function gets cancelled or postponed for whatever reason within 30 days of the function date, the client will be held responsible for 60% of the full function fee (Total Turnover of Function)

Client will be liable for any breakages and losses.
If the breakage fee is not requested for collection within 4 weeks after the function, it will be forfeited.

10% Gratuity will be added on any tab.
It is the bride and grooms responsibility to advise/educate all guests regarding all our terms and conditions.
Any person failing to comply to any terms and conditions or maliciously / purposely interfering with our business will result in the following actions:
Cancellation of the function with immediate effect, forfeiting all fees paid and legal action will be taken.

Guests are not allowed in the Journeys Venue Kitchen or storage areas under any circumstances.
No take away food from the function is permitted.

Right of Admission reserved.
Neither Journeys or any company representative can be held responsible for any loss or damaged to people or
property while on our premises.
If the party concerned fails to comply with ANY mentioned terms, the function can be terminated immediately and/or deposits will be forfeited